The Meaning of Elderstones


“Come forth into the light of things. Let nature be your teacher.” William Wordsworth

The history of our universe is filled with newly created galaxies and brightly shining suns. Created simultaneously are what we have come to call planets, including the ball of rock known as Earth. She, and every other planet, is constructed from the same chemical building blocks as every other single component of the vast universe—Hydrogen, Oxygen, Silicon, and eighty-five other naturally occurring elements.

How Crystals Were Created

Before single-celled amoeba, before plants, before animals, stones were the first living beings on our planet. Through our understanding of geology, we know these rocks were formed and grew in several different ways—through volcanic eruption, through the process of sedimentation, and because of seismic shifts in the crust of the Earth.

Each type of stone takes its vibrational signature, color, and other properties from the chemicals that comprise it. Just like you and I and every other thing in the universe, they possess and project a unique energetic signature

Elderstones – Our Ancestors

Add the element of water to the mix, and over time these chemicals dissolved, mixed together and created a rich organic soup that eventually gave birth to all other life forms that live on Earth. In part because these rocks made us, we carry in us the same elements that comprise them. They are, in a very real sense, our ancestors. And they have much to teach us, if only we will listen.

Elderstones Therapy was created out of my shamanic experiences in meeting and journeying with these crystal beings. It is the stones who inform me of their many uses, and who advise me when a particular stone is useful in fostering healing for someone. I am in a very real sense listening to my ancestors and my elders when I help you heal.

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