Primus Activation Healing Technique (PAHT) ™

What is PAHT?

Primus Activation Healing Technique (PAHT)™ was created by Naisha Ahsian as a multifaceted energy healing and consciousness development method that can be utilized either as a free-standing modality, or combined with crystal and stone methodologies to create a CRT session. It uses a series of hands-on and meditative methods that cause a reaction in the electromagnetic field of the body. Some refer to this EM field as one’s aura. Each PAHT™ session lasts approximately one hour.

“I have been doing the Primus Meditation. What a simple thing to give yourself to love. I feel much lighter. The stones have been with me a lot…I’ve been taking turns with them in my hand during the meditation. . .I am on the lighter side of the street now.” Elise, Maine

What can I expect in a session?

A PAHT™ session creates a vibratory entrainment between the electromagnetic pulses of one’s heart and one’s brain. This is known as “physiological coherence” as it causes the energy field of the entire body to pulse in a specific, coherent pattern. This creates the proper conditions for optimum health. Its effects can be measured, and may create specific biochemical shifts such as more balanced hormonal and endocrine function, enhanced immune function, increased brain function and decreased physiological response to stress. Other benefits not as easily measured include an enhanced sense of well-being, a greater sense of creativity, higher levels of confidence, and less worry and anxiety.

We begin with a conversation between you and me to assess your overall energy system. I also use this time make certain I understand what issues of personal healing are important for you to address.

After our talk, you’ll lie face up, clothed and covered with a blanket, on a massage table while I select, position and activate a unique combination of crystals and stones on your body. I may use sound vibration, other energy sources or guided meditation to further engage your energy field and physical body.

Anyone participating in a PAHT™ session will receive a Primus Meditation CD for home use which will help maintain the benefits of the session.

During these sessions, many have reported experiencing deep relaxation or sleep, warmth, well-being, and a sense of release from limiting patterns and energetic blockages. Some have also reported feeling more connected to their own inner guidance.

PAHT™ treatments can be provided either hands-on or across distance. The initial session lasts about one hour and fifteen minutes. Each subsequent session lasts approximately one hour. Please contact me to schedule your appointment.


Cost – Each initial PAHT™ session is $75.00.

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