Crystals Divination

What is Crystals Divination?

Have you ever wondered if working with crystals might have something to reveal about your current life circumstances? If so, then a crystals divination session is for you.

What can I expect in a session?

Using techniques derived from Hawaiian shamanic traditions, I have developed a unique method of accessing the wisdom of elemental allies, crystals and stones to assist you with your life’s journey.

You will begin by meditating with me on a specific question or two about matters that are of current concern to you. I will then guide you in casting the divination stones. Depending on the length of the session, you will also choose several additional stones representing Earth, Fire, Water and/or Wind (Air) stones. Taken together, these stones have the ability to reveal messages and guidance that unlock your own inner wisdom about your questions and deliver answers to your conscious mind. As a final step, one or two oracle cards may be incorporated into the session.


Cost – A 15 minute session costs $25.00. A 30 minute session costs $50.00. A 45 Minute session is $75.00.

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