Crystal Resonance Therapy™

What is Crystal Resonance Therapy?

“I will do my best to put into words the profound effect your CRT has—is having on me. I could very clearly feel the infusion of energy which was so nourishing. . . .the sense of groundedness. This way of touching helps my brain function in an active way which uses the senses to serve intuition. I can’t thank you enough for being the liaison for me in these new dimensions.”Chris, Maine

Crystal Resonance Therapy™ was created by Naisha Ahsian, Director of the Crystalis Institute for Personal and Planetary Transformation, and co-author of the Book of Stones. It couples placing crystals and stones on the body to facilitate health and well-being, the original force behind gemstone jewelry and talismans, with scientific principles of resonance and entrainment to produce a unique healing experience.

What can I expect in a session?

A CRT™ session is a non-invasive energy treatment modality that integrates the natural energies of the earth, the electro-magnetic frequencies of crystals and minerals, and guided meditation to help you achieve a harmonious balance between body, mind and spirit.

We begin with a conversation between you and me to assess your overall energy system. I also use this time make certain I understand what issues of personal healing are important for you to address.

After our talk, you’ll lie face up, clothed and covered with a blanket, on a massage table while I select, position and activate a unique combination of crystals and stones on your body. I may use sound vibration, other energy sources or guided meditation to further engage your energy field and physical body.

After your session, I may suggest crystals, elixirs, or self-care techniques for maintain feelings of balance and vitality. Each subsequent session follows a similar process.

During these sessions, many have reported experiencing deep relaxation or sleep, warmth, well-being, and a sense of release from limiting patterns and energetic blockages. Some have also reported feeling more connected to their own inner guidance.

An initial session lasts approximately 2 hours. Each subsequent session lasts approximately 1 ½ hours. Both the initial and follow-up sessions can be provided either hands-on or across distance. Please contact me to schedule your appointment.


The charge for our initial session is $100.00. Each subsequent session is $85.00.

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