Crystal Healing for Groups and Organizations

How does it work?

Did you know that crystal healing can be provided for work groups, non-profit organizations and corporations? Did you know that it can also be shared with animals and plants, even the planet as a whole? What you’re seeing in this picture is an array that I created for a non-profit undergoing a significant shift in how it conducted its business.

Understanding One Group’s Layout

Each stone pictured works synergistically to shift the vibrational energy of what the organization might experience during this traumatic time.
The large center stones are Tremolite (white and green), Stichtite, and clear Pink Calcite. In this instance, Tremolite is used to help the employees maintain their focus on the task of transition, while attending to what’s needed in the present moment. It’s also a potent reliever of stress.

Stichtite was chosen for its ability to provide a sense of unity of purpose to the group. It is surrounded by a ring of Moldavite, used here for the very practical purpose of aiding all those affected to envision their brighter future. Pink calcite reminds everyone to have compassion for those they work side by side with, and for those who will of necessity leave.

These three keystones of transition are supported by Purple Jade, to dispel negative attitudes, Purple Smithsonite and Larimar to provide clarity in communication, and Rhodocrosite to help heal raw and strained emotions.

The primary and secondary stones are supported by an inner ring of Rose Quartz and Blue Lace Agate, which encourages participation from a place of loving kindness and confidence. They are also supported by an outer ring of additional Stichtite and Clear Quartz. The Clear Quartz serves as both an amplifier of the energetic vibrations of the other stones and as a unifier of diverse energies.

Please contact me if you’re interested in learning how crystal healing modalities can assist your group or organization through a significant transition.