Crystal Healing Basics

About These Classes

In this new age where we seek alternative ways to treat and cure our ailments, our understanding and awareness of crystals and their healing powers have flourished. In fact, you may have noticed that something magical happens when we use crystals as part of our healing process. These classes can help answer your questions and further your ability to heal with crystals.

Introduction to Crystal Healing

Class Description

Have you ever been attracted to a piece of clear quartz or shiny pyrite without knowing why? Perhaps the deep blues and golds of Lapis Lazuli or the deep, swirled greens of Malachite have captured your attention, and you brought the stone home not knowing what to do with it? Do you sense that crystals are calling to you, though you can’t quite hear what they have to say?

Now that your interest in crystals has been awakened, this class will give you an overview of the basics you’ll need to begin a relationship with their varied healing properties. We’ll talk about basic principles of energy, and how crystals and stones “work”, along with the basics of Vibrational Healing. We’ll learn about some basic scientific concepts like “Resonance” and “Entrainment” in ways that we can all understand. We’ll also learn a little bit about the composition of different stones, providing some insight about why some stones attract your attention, and others don’t. And more! You’ll also participate in a short meditation to help you experience their energies for yourself.

No prior experience with crystals is necessary. However, I know whether you’re already experienced in working with crystals or are brand new to experiencing their energies, you’ll learn something!

Please see the current calendar listings or contact me directly about dates, times and locations for this class.

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More Crystal Healing Basics

Class Description

There’s so much more to experiencing the benefits of the mineral world that goes beyond how they were created and deliver benefits that help us heal. What are some of the techniques to help you find a crystal that wants to work with you? What are some of the ways to prepare your stones for personal use? How do you learn about what specific physical, emotional and spiritual aspects with which the crystal is most effective?

In this class, you’re going to experience for yourselves some of the many ways to interact with the stones, sensing their underlying energies and learning if they’re right for you. You’re going to learn about cleansing, setting proper intentions, actually using, and properly storing your stones when they’re not in use.

You’ll gain a better understanding of how crystals interact with the energy systems of humans, other animals and plants.
No prior experience with crystals is necessary. Whether you’re already knowledgeable about working with crystals or are brand new to experiencing their unique energies, you’ll learn something! And you’ll leave with a set of stones to help you continue your explorations at home.

Please see the current calendar listings or contact me directly for dates, times and locations for this class.

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Introduction to Crystal Elixirs

Class Description

Have you ever wondered about how to make crystal elixirs and for what they might be used? Do you have questions about how you go about making and preserving them for personal use? Are you curious or concerned about how safe these might be? This 5 hour workshop is for you!

Crystal elixirs represent another way of working with the energy of stones and crystals to help with your own balance and healing. They work similarly to homeopathic remedies or Bach flower essences. And they can be used internally or externally to shift your energetic patterns.

In this workshop, you’ll learn the basic scientific principles behind why crystal elixirs work, as described by Dr. Masaru Emoto, author of “The Messages in the Water”. We’ll talk about both single crystal and combination elixirs, and when each might be appropriate for use. We’ll discuss some crystals combinations for specific issues like Self-Awareness and Balance or Protection.

You’ll also learn everything you need to know about how to safely make your own elixirs, using either an immersion or an isolation method. And you’ll have the opportunity to prepare a basic crystal elixir using either a single stone of your choosing from those offered, or a basic mixture of Amethyst, Clear Quartz and Rose Quartz. This basic mixture is designed to create an overall sense of well-being and revitalize perception, intuition and empathy.

Join me in a special day-long workshop designed to provide you with all of the basics. No prior knowledge or experience is necessary, and you don’t need to bring a thing!

Please see the current calendar listing or contact me for dates, times and locations for this class.