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“I instill the confidence you need to naturally heal yourself”

Distance Healing


Did you know that healing treatments with crystals as well as Reiki treatments can be given at a distance? You and I don’t need to be in the same room, or even in the same state, in order for me to provide treatment. The work that we do together is based on the principles of Vibrational Healing. You and I and everything else on Earth vibrate at distinct frequencies, and emit unique energetic signatures. All that’s necessary is to tune in to those vibrations and deliver the power of Crystal Healing and Reiki.

The Meaning of Elderstones

“Come forth into the light of things. Let nature be your teacher.”

The history of our universe is filled with newly created galaxies and brightly shining suns. Created simultaneously are what we have come to call planets, including the ball of rock known as Earth. She, and every other planet, is constructed from the same chemical building blocks as every other single component of the vast universe – Hydrogen, Oxygen, Silicon, and eighty-five other naturally occurring elements.

The Story of Stones

Ocean Jasper

Despite the name of Ocean Jasper, this crystal is aligned with the Earth element. In meditating and journeying with this stone, I learned of its amazing power to uplift a discouraged or disheartened spirit, bringing joy to your life. It exudes a calming and centering energy as well.

Using Elemental Forces in Crystal Healing

In the systems of Crystal Healing that we practice, each stone that I work with is associated with an Element and a Chakra.  Sometimes, depending on the properties of the stone, it can be associated with more than one of each.